Technology Implementation

Providing implementation and maintenance services for your business.

Technology Implementation and Maintenance


Need help setting up or improving the technology to run your business? We can review your current design, make recommendations where they’re needed and then help you implement them. We offer implementation and maintenance services for a wide variety of systems and networks.



Wired/Wireless Network Installation and Implementation:


  1. Switches
  2. Routers/Gateways
  3. Firewalls

Server Installation and Configuration:


  1. Lynux
  2. Unix
  3. Windows
ServerInstConfig Mockup
CloudInt Mockup

Cloud Integration:


  1. Azure
  2. AWS
  3. GCS

Technology Stack review:


  1. Evaluate your existing technology solution configuration
  2. Make recommendations and provide options
  3. Implementation to fit your budget
TeckStackReview Mockup
VulnManage Mockup

Vulnerability Management:


  1. Patches/updates
  2. Firmware upgrades
  3. Vulnerability scanning

Internet of Things (IOT):


  1. Setup and configuration
  2. Securing
IoT Mockup