Information Security Consulting

Creating, implementing and maintaining your security architecture.

Information Security Consulting


Need help securing your technology? Want to know where the gaps are in your security plan? We offer security architecture review and gap analysis. We can create, implement and maintain your security architecture for a wide variety of environments and business models.


VulnAssess Mockup

Vulnerability Assessment:


a. Internal (what only you should see)
  1. Network
  2. Application
  3. Website
  4. Physical
b. External (what the public can see)
  1. Website
  2. Unintended Exposures
c. Concise report of findings


d. Recommend mitigations and solutions



  1. Evaluate existing company policies
  2. Recommend best business practice tailored to your organization
Policy Mockup
PCI Mockup

PCI Assessment:


  1. Evaluate your existing configuration for taking payments
  2. Provide optional solutions and recommendations
  3. Assist in preparation for PCI audits

Security Architecture Review


  1. Evaluate your existing infrastructure and conduct gap analysis
  2. Provide options and solution based on best practice and budget
  3. Provide implementation or advise during implementation
SecArchitectReview Mockup
SensitivePersonalInfoSearch Mockup

Sensitive or Personal Information Search for Company and Executives:


  1. Find what information is available on the internet about your company, managers and employees
  2. Find public postings about your company
  3. Make recommendations

Physical Security Check:


  1. Cameras/CCTV
  2. Fencing
  3. Doors/Locks
  4. Visitor access control
PhysicalSec Mockup
AppReview Mockup

Application Review:


  1. Utilizing OWASP methodology

Business Continuity, Disaster Response and Recovery Plan Review:


  1. identify critical systems or business functions
  2. Prioritize replacement/recovery items
  3. Plan and evaluate backup and recovery options
BusinessContinuity Mockup
PenTest Mockup

Penetration Testing:


a. Test and validate security defense levels
  1. Network
  2. Application
  3. Website
  4. Physical
  5. Cloud
  6. Social Engineering
b. Concise report of findings


c. Recommend mitigations and solutions

Internet of Things (IOT):


  1. Security assessment
  2. Securing and risk mitigation
IoT Mockup
Training Mockup

Training Tailored to your Business for Systems and Security:


  1. Hardware
  2. Operating System
  3. Application
  4. E-mail
  5. Security practices