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Penetration Testing Arena


Are you a Pirate or a Ninja when it comes to Penetration Testing or Hacking? We have the practice environment for you. We offer four levels for each type: Pirate and Ninja. We also offer custom packages if you want to practice on specific operating systems.

System testing Environment


Build virtually anything. Do you need to practice working with a specific operating system? Do you need to test software and don’t have access to test systems? Do you have an operating system and software but no place to install it? We have several options to choose from for custom builds and experimentation. We will work with you to get the configuration you need. Build it here so that you can find the perfect settings and configuration. That way when you set it up in your environment you look like a pro.



Want to play a game? Ok we don’t have Global Thermonuclear War, but we do offer several other legacy games for your entertainment. Fair warning, these are old school entertainment. You rent a system with games installed on it and you can play every one of them if you want.

Technology Implementation and Maintenance


Need help setting up or improving the technology to run your business? We can review your current design, make recommendations where they ’re needed and then help you implement them. We offer implementation and maintenance services for a wide variety of systems and networks.

Information Security Consulting


Need help securing your technology?Want to know where the gaps are in your security plan? We offer security architecture review and gap analysis. We can create, implement and maintain your security architecture for a wide variety of environments and business models.

3-Hat Information Security!


Penetration Test Arena Pirates and Ninjas welcome.


Come practice building and configuring nearly anything in our System Testing Environment.


Come play a legacy Game.


We can Implement and Maintain your Technology.


Our Information Security Consultants are experts.